Roof cleaning for homes

Pressure Washing a Roof for a new look

One of the most often asked questions I get by customers is about How to Keep Your Orlando, FL Roof Looking New?  More and More customer’s are noticing the ugly black stains that appear on asphalt shingle and tile roofs.  Those roof stains not look horrible, but they also actually cause damage to your roof.

pressure cleaning roofs

Cleaning a roof is not a job that should be done by the inexperienced.  There are guidelines set forth by the manufactures of the roof surface that should be closely followed.  Safety practices are another reason for hiring only a professional experienced Orlando Pressure Washing contractor. This is why we only clean roofs as recommended by the Roofing Manufactures Association Guidelines.  Cleaning a roof any other way, would be like buying a brand new car, but not keeping it maintained according to how the manufacture recommends.

Soft Pressure Wash Roofs

One recommendation of the Roofing Manufactures is that a High Powered Pressure Washer should never be used to clean a roof.  In a Tech Bulletin issued by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association, Tech  Bulletin, titled, Algae Discoloration on Roofs, it plainly stats that High Pressure Washing Systems should not be used. One of the questions you should always ask a prospective Roof Cleaning Contractor is if they use a pressure washer to clean a roof. If the answer is Yes, followed by, but we use it under low pressure, then you will know that your roof will not be cleaned according to recommended guidelines.

We never use a pressure washer to clean tile or shingle roofs. Our Winter Springs Pressure Washing  experts use a Soft Wash roof cleaning method that uses less pressure that what comes out of your garden hose.  this assures that there will never be any damage to your roof and that you will never experience granule loss.

Is Your Roof Past A Pressure Cleaning?

There is only so much a roof cleaning can do. If you don’t maintain a clutter free and clean roof yearly, then the lifespan of your roof wont be as long as you think.

The heat of summer, the cold of winter and all in between can wreak havoc on any roof in any state. You wash your car because of weather. You pressure wash your home and driveway because of weather. The same should be considered for your home. But if let gone too long without a proper cleaning. Those natural elements will have an impact if not taken care of.

Contact a roofing expert will be your next option. They will only confirm that a scheduled routine is the best option for the longevity of your roof. Roofing contractors do not clean roofs. They will come out and make roof repairs and suggest that you maintain your roof from trees and debris.