Stem Cell Therapy and How It Works

Stem cells are the ‘Smart Cells‘ of our body. They have the capacity to multiply and to renew themselves indefinitely into specialised cells. Thus stem cells can develop into cardiac muscle as well as liver, brain, fat and skin tissue helping to treat the injured area.

Stem Cell Therapy can be the silver lining you deserve where the conventional therapies and treatments have not worked out or the doctors have suggested some alternate therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy is regarded as the Future of Modern Medicine and with recent scientific advances and technology, it will soon be the standard therapeutic solution for several complicated ailments.

Stem Cells are Simple, effective and Convenient

Being simple yet effective is the most important advantage of Stem Cell Therapy over invasive and risky transplant surgeries. This therapy has been proven to be safe and convenient for repairing damaged body tissues without eliciting any serious medical complications.

Being isolated from your own body parts they are proven to be safe and easily acceptable by the body for regeneration of lost or damaged cells without eliciting any unfavorable medical aggravations. All it needs is a simple one day hospitalization with the application of local anesthesia.

Ethical Treatment

Many of you might have this question raised in your mind, whether the Stem Cell Therapy is ethical? The answer to this is, YES!
As these stem cells are isolated from your own body, they are ethically acceptable than embryonic stem cells. Since these cells have markers similar to other cells of your body they don’t cause any systemic reaction and are processed faster.
With the best quality of viable Adult Stem Cells, Advancells promises you the safety and ethical validity of your treatment, under our care.

Easy Availability

Stem Cell Therapy derives its resources from the two most potent stem cell reservoirs in the body: Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue. Thus, the necessary raw materials for this therapy is already present in the patient’s body and with high-end technology, we can harness them in their best quality. Due to this easy availability factor, Stem Cell Therapy does not have to face the discrepancies of drug availability and design which puts conventional treatments at check.

Chronic Ailments are treatable

In recent times, Stem Cell Therapy is considered the most viable option for a wide variety of disorders where conventional therapies have not been quite helpful. Various national and international reports have indicated a marked improvement in the success rate of Stem Cell Therapy applications against chronic disorders. Stem cells hold the power to repair damaged tissues in our body besides eliminating the symptoms and also play a crucial role in rejuvenation. Thus for chronic ailments, where standard physiotherapy and behavioral therapy can positively modify the symptoms, stem cells can work towards damage-reversal.

Cost of the Treatment

As compared to the cost of complicated organ transplants and surgeries, stem cell infusions are cheaper yet naturally effective. In addition, while a lot of money is invested in post-treatment hospitalization for recovery, Stem Cell Therapy is just a one-day procedure!